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Fengqing Dianhong Characteristic Town

Covering an area of 10,000mu, it is a large-scale development project focusing on Zen Tea Cultural Mansion, built by coopetating with the government of Fengqing County, Yunnan Province

Origin tea from 3200-year-old Brocade Tea Tree

Specific blending Flavored tea bags

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    Characteristic town

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    keen to grasp the pulse of market

  • 3200

    Fashionable pure black tea brand

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    Real estate development and industrial investment

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    Company businesses involve several real estate management links, such as real estate investment, real estate marketing and planning, agricultural project development, hotel investment, new energy investment, culture & sports project investment and development, interior & exterior decoration, water and electricity installation, and earthwork engineering. We have precise market control capability and strong development strength in real estate industry.

  • Royal Srping · Famous City

    Located in the Old Town S. 2nd Ring Road of Chengmai, Hainan Province, a world-famous longevity city, Royal Spring & Famous City enjoys the tourism advantages of Haikou Western Coast and Yingbin Peninsula, as well as large-scale state strategic transportation infrastructure such as Cross-sea Bridge and Western Ring High-speed Train 1st Station. Project whole construction area measures 120,000 square meters, with 1392 households in total, constituted by 6 18-storey small high-rises; the community houses 497 parking lots, with greening rate reaching 35%. The phaseⅠ (DEF) has been sold out, and phaseⅡ(ABC) unit measures 38~73 square meters, with low pooling rate, high utility ratio, bright kitchen and bathroom, good ventilation and lighting, large balcony and bay window, and square unit type. All phaseⅡunits are sold with fine decoration, with great cost performance. The community adopts balance layout in which a bustling front yard enjoys convenient transportation and a tranquil backyard nestles against countryside. The project is established in accordance with the living features of integration with the nature, mutual penetration, emphasis on health, and resort & leisure. Royal Spring & Famous City enjoys convenient transportation. As the extension of Yehai Avenue, and one of the bone road networks directly connecting old town, the south of the housing estate has been open to traffic to Haikou downtown area by No.57 and No.59 buses. Besides, the project is only a thousand kilometers from Hainan Western Ring Metro Old Town Station and western line highway. One can travel directly to Meilan Airport by metro and highway, and to the sea by car in 10 minutes. The project enjoys exceptional natural resources. Its near-town feature and leisure & resort function jointly create a special residential vacation quarter. Relying on the featured resources and surrounding supporting facilities of old town economic development zone, Royal Spring & Famous City enjoys relatively mature living supporting facilities: 1. Municipal facilities: old town Revenue Department, Haikou Economic Bonded Area, and the 12th Five-year Planning project of “Ecological Software Park” of Hainan. 2. Financial facilities: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Big Banks.3. Shopping and recreational facilities: the 3rd Time Commercial Pedestrian Street, Old Town Junqun Supermarket, Hongdu Shopping Center, Farmers’ Market, etc. The project is only 200m from the 3rd Time Commercial Pedestrian Street. 4. Educational facilities: Hainan Overseas Chinese High School, and the Ecological Software Park awaiting construction in front of the project. 5. Medical facilities: Apollo China-India Friendship Hospital, Tumor Hospital, 187 Military Hospital and Agribusiness Hospital.Integrating living functions such as catering, entertainment, leisure, shopping, school and medicine, Royal Spring & Famous City has become one of the boutique projects of Old Town Harmonious Living Habitat, and enables diversified commercial activities to provide convenient as well as bustling central square for future owners. Royal Spring & Famous City also boasts complete internal supporting facilities, such as selenium-enriching theme pools (3 major convalescence themes: Chinese medicine pool, flower fragrance pool and original spring pool), tropical garden swimming pool, leisure square, basketball ground, shade lane and health care equipment. All this creates a leisure zone in city center and rural-like life behind prosperous life. One can have a distant view of rural natural scenery, and a closer look at tropical ecological park. Enjoying quietly the leisurely and carefree mood generated by flower fragrance and birds’ singing, park scenery and garden scenery, the scenery of life will never come to an end. Sound ecological environment, oxygen-enriched air, and mineral water quality of lava rich in selenium build the reputation of “world-famous longevity town” of this place where average life span is 6.59 years older than that of national average. Besides, the in-depth underground Selenium-rich soil originating from volcanic eruption a few hundred thousand years is suitable for cultivating quality fruits such as blessing oranges, seedless litchi and Selenium-rich sweet potatoes. Related to yet not close to sea, the place is warm in winter and cool in summer. With vigorous green plants and blooming flowers, the place possesses unparalleled ecological natural environment for resort.  

  • Mountain · Wispering · Spring

    Located in No.1 Baoting South Second Second Ring Road, Blue Town’s Mountain and Spring Real Estate is situated in the core area of Baoting New Town. Covering an area of 260 acres in total and with a floor area of 260,000 square meters and a plot ratio of 2.09, the project consists of six garden houses, one property right-type hotel, 10000 square meters of high-quality business area, 15 high-rise apartments and 36 villas overlooking mountains and lakes. Up until the present moments, properties in District A constructed in the first phrase are basically sold out, and now properties in District B constructed in the first phrase are in promotion. House types are as follows:42-46 square meters with one bedroom and one dining room; 52-65 square meters with two bedrooms and one dining room and 85 square meters with three bedrooms and two dining rooms. The green coverage rate is 50 %   and hot spring water and natural gas are available. Blue Town Hill boasts adequate space between buildings. The residential area has two clubs, a multifunctional plaza covering nearly 6000 square meters, a vast multifunctional swimming pool of nearly 3500 square meters and outdoor hot spring pools. The project is 1 kilometers away from Baoting County, which is 67 kilometers away from Sanya City and 274 kilometers away from Haikou City. It is one distinctive feature that the project boasts household hot spring. The project offers slab-type apartment building with high-end kindergartens, star hotels, 10000 square meters of high-quality business streets, a 100 acre of scenic spot, restaurants specially for proprietor, calligraphy and painting rooms, chess rooms and coffee rooms in its residential area. This high-quality residential area for recreation and health is your best choice for vacation and properties purchasing in Baoting.Traffic ConditionLocated in the core of Baoting New Town,  Blue Town’s Mountain and Spring Real Estate is 67 kilometers away from Sanya City and 274 kilometers away from Haikou City. You can take a coach from the coach station from Sanya City or Haikou City and get off at Baoting Coach Station. There you can take a taxi or a bus to reach the properties.Supporting FacilitiesHospital: Baoting Branch of Shandong Qilu Hospital; People's Hospital of BaotingBank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ;Construction Bank ; Bank of China; Agricultural Bank; Postal Service; Harbin BankPost Office: China Post SavingsOthers: Nodo Tropical Rainy; Penang Valley; Qi Xian Ridge Hot Spring Tourist Resort ; Gan Shiling Forest Golf ClubFacilities inside residential area: kindergartens; 10000 square meters of quality business streets, 4-star hotel, restaurants especially for proprietors, recreation club, swimming pool, public area, pan recreation club on the first floor; 6000-square meters of fitness plaza, double swimming pools, reading rooms, chess rooms and coffee rooms.

  • Diamond Waterfront

    Located at No.102 Haijing Road of Haidian Island, and themed “leisure & health”, Crystal Waterfront is a community of delicate life integrating various functions such as leisure, vacationing, residence, health maintenance and investment. It is the first low-density resort residential community in the east of Haidian Island of Haikou, with a floor area of 12,926.36 square meters, construction area of 19,382 square meters, plot ratio of 1.499 and construction density of 16.55%. The community is constituted by 10-storey connected buildings, 216 suites of 9 units and chic upscale clubs.

  • Wealth Center

    As a pure office building without residential building and shopping mall, Fortune Plaza enjoys noble and dazzling appearance. Hotel-type lobby of over one thousand square meters, excellent hardware settings and perfect supporting facilities provide you with first-class services just like in five-star hotels. Located at No.38 Datong Road of Haikou, the project is close to East Haixiu Road—the most expensive lot, which is the valley of politics, commerce and finance of Haikou. With the provincial government by side, it has been the core area to generate fortune since the establishment of Hainan Province. With row upon row of famous stores, supermarkets, upscale hotels and restaurants as well as financial support and services provided by various banking outlets nearby, it is the most prosperous and modernized commercial area in Haikou. Fortune Plaza boasts extremely convenient transportation since 2/3 of Haikou buses are stationed nearby. All marginal area and regional centers such as Guomao, Haidian Island, Xinbu Island, Meishe River, Fucheng, Jinpan and Xiuying can be reached by taking a bus here. The incomparable and irreproducible golden geological position of Fortune Plaza demonstrates its outstanding commercial value. 

  • Peninsula Sunlight

    Peninsula Sunshine has 300,000 square meters of coastal hot spring community with Southeast Asia style. The total planning land area is 115871.8 square meters with a green coverage rate of 37%, including the hotel construction area of 25,000 square meters, commercial supporting area of construction area of 11000 square meters. Developed in two phases and located in the new core area of the municipality, Peninsula Sunshine enjoys favorable geographical conditions as it is adjacent to the river and the sea and the network of high-speed rail ways and highways. It is a high-quality large-scale residential project integrating leisure, vacation and investment.With its city-level scale of 300,000 square meters and relying on the unique double-bay resources, Peninsula Sunshine is committed to creating a Peninsula Double Bay Holiday quality community. It integrates leisure, vacation and investment in one high-quality large residential projects and boasts a variety of business types, such as hotels, holiday apartments and theme businesses. You can enjoy your vacation inside the residential area. Peninsula Sunshine is combined with the authentic Southeast Asian style gardens together with the ribbon-pattern gardens to protect the beauty of landscape. The sights of water, trees, stones , paths as well as flowers, birds, fish and hot springs will remind you that life is full of amazing scenery.Peninsula Sunshine has a unique hotel-style independent lobby. 24-hour signature property management service are provided here. Community-specific bus and one-button emergency system are available. Professional property management services activities, such as health care lectures, community physical examination activities and community sports competitions are regularly organized.Supporting FacilitiesSurrounding municipal facilities are adequate, including schools, hotels, finance, institutions and hospitals. Facilities inside Residential AreaSoutheast Asian style gardens, ecological health community leading "health garden" ,  pools with double beaches, multifunctional clubs, spa health pools, comfortable mansions of 60-89 square meters , courtyard balcony of 2.4 meters.Traffic ConditionLight rail: adjacent to river and sea, West Ring High-speed rail, and West Line High-Speed Transportation Network.More: convenient traffic with roads in four directions; adjacent to river and sea, West Ring High-speed rail, and West Line High-Speed Transportation Network.

  • HongChenghu International Square

    Located at the east of Southern Longkun Road, Hongchneghu International Square is neighboring “Longquan International School”—a 4-storey temporary building to the south, facing Hongchenghu, spaced by a 25-meter-wide furrow and the dorm site of Hainan Tobacco Company, on the east, and lying against an 8-meter-wide planned road in the north to be adjacent to an 8-storey commercial building and other 3 to 5-storey buildings. Hongchenghu International Square is an ecology-oriented modern comprehensive housing estate, covering an area of 14,295.76m2, and constituted by three 26-storey high-rise residential buildings and one 6-storey commercial buildings. Facing Hongchenghu on the east, the project is located at the core of Southern Longkun Road of Haikou transportation center, and surrounded by main roads such as Guoxing Avenue, Nanhai Avenue and Hongchenghu Road, which enables residents to enjoy urban prosperity as well as natural ecology. And complete supporting facilities eliminate any worry in your life.Layout of BuildingsThis project is constituted by one commercial building and three high-rise residential buildings. According to the planning and design requirements of Haikou Planning Bureau and the status quo of finished basement construction, and under the principle of functional zoning, the commercial building is set along South Longkun Road, and retreating one more grade in correspondence to the original pillar network to reach a retreat limit of 17.6 meters, which is conducive to first-floor commercial function and the rest and parking of people and vehicles. The three high-rise residential buildings are set behind, among which building A is re-designed by using the original designed and constructed pillar network according to relevant requirements to reach appropriate space with surrounding buildings and achieve the goal of beautiful environment. And building B and C is located at the east of A and staggered in south and north with the the least space exceeding 2meters, and the upper floors can have good conditions. Layout of RoadsApart from facing South Longkun Road on the west, the estate is adjacent to an 8-meter-wide planning road in the north, and a 16-meter-wide planning road formed by the upper cover plate of a furrow on the east. By leading the north planning road into the main entrance, the estate has circular motorways in all sizes and four entrances directly into the basement. These simple and direct roads connect and separate all functional buildings of the estate. Parking lots are mainly arranged in the first and second floors underground, and a certain number of parking lots are considered on the ground to meet certain demands. Layout of Green LandExcept building lot, road site and necessary rigid square in front of the commercial building, other sites and the empty layer of the three residential buildings are designed as greening site, fully covered by grass. In the meantime, arbors such as coconut trees, Roystonea regia, and ficus microcarpa and various shrubs are planted in the way of combination of points, lines and planes, so as to beautify the environment and improve estate quality. 


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  • 2020-1120
    展示佤乡风情 奋战集团年会
    临沧森beplay体育手机官网科技开发有限公司作为集团旗下的子公司,自成立以来始终把自身融入当地的风土人情之中,在海南与云南,beplay2官网与临沧架起了一座桥梁,把海南自贸区先进的理念带到了临沧,也把临沧“世界佤乡,天下茶仓,恒春之都,大美临沧”的美誉带到了海南。在接到年会节目的通知后,公司领导高度重视,综合管理部积极征求全体员工意见建议。初步确立了节目的基本形式后,与临沧民族演艺公司的陆老师取得了联系,在一起对节目的名称、形式、音乐、人员的要求进行了沟通。并确定了舞蹈名称《佤山韵》,以《佤族木鼓欢歌》为音乐,通过舞蹈的形式生动再现佤族部落原始生活、劳作、恋爱等场景,展示了佤族男子狂野剽悍、女子热情豪放的生活画卷。公司挑选了6名员工加班加点参加排练,由于指导老师的时间安排调整,都是每天排练到晚上10点多,周末放弃休息排练。指导老师亲历亲为,严格要求,动作不到位,就接连一遍一遍的跳,直到达到要求。功夫不负有心人,在经过三个星期的紧张排练,节目初见雏形,并拍摄了视频小样上报了集团年会节目筹备组,得到了节目组的认可。近期,根据年会节目组的意见,将从整齐度、动作力度、眼神、人员的动作规范到位等方面进行排练,把节目的质量进一步提高,争取以最完美的姿态和最原始的风情向集团年会献礼!                             临沧森beplay体育手机官网综合管理部  张绍军
  • 2020-1026
  • 2020-0606
    临沧市张之政市长带队, 凤庆县委书记陈昌彦,县长谭波,以及市县相关领导亲临凤庆beplayer体育下载指导检查工作
             2020年6月1日,云南省临沧市市长张之政、市政府副秘书长左金祥、市发展改革委主任周良、市财政局局长欧再国、市文化旅游局局长何强宇、市交通运输局局长甄鹏、市政府研究室主任杨自新一行在凤庆县委书记陈昌砚、县长谭波、县委办主任吴天安、副县长陈正华及市县相关部门领导陪同下,亲临由我森beplay体育手机官网集团投资的“叁杄二红茶文化苑”半山花园酒店beplayer体育下载指导检查工作。集团董事长周慧琴、云南公司总经理李凤祥等热情接待张市长一行,并详细介绍beplayer体育下载的投资建设及未来发展情况。受到了市、县两级政府领导的一致好评。                                  现场听取汇报云南凤庆,名副其实的滇红茶之乡、文化旅游资源丰富。“叁杄二红茶文化苑”半山花园酒店beplayer体育下载,规划占地3000亩,beplayer体育下载总投资10亿元,功能布局半山度假酒店、茶博物馆、茶工坊、茶王庙、云顶景观、茶溪谷、茶山花海、种植园。beplayer体育下载建成后,将对临沧市和凤庆县茶产业、文化旅游业的发展有着积极的助力作用。交谈鼓励,现场指导张之政市长强调:该beplayer体育下载符合习主席提出的“绿水青山,就是金山银山”的发展理念,符合阮省长提出的建设半山酒店,带动贫困群众增收,助力沿线地区经济社会持续健康发展的理念。市县两级部门要高度重视,从政策上、资金上尽可能给予企业支持,政府部门要指导和服务好该beplayer体育下载的推进。一是要充分发挥临沧市优质茶叶资源优势,把“叁杄二”红茶产业做大、做强;二是要抓住大滇西旅游环线半山酒店建设契机、加快beplayer体育下载建设;三是依托beplayer体育下载,整合临沧市文化旅游业、红茶产业、绿色农特产业、多产融合发展、实现劳动力就业、农民增收、企业增效。
  • 2020-0426
           临沧森beplay体育手机官网科技开发有限公司党支部成立于2019年9月,党支部书记认真履行“第一责任人”职责,结合企业实际,将支部建在一线,支部以“责任、修福、感恩”为理念,以“持续经营、永绪发展、共享成果、回馈社会”为己任,以“四好”为目标,把“组织建设好、党员队伍好,服务水平好 、企业文化好”摆在党支部建设的重要日程,认真落实“三培养”政策,积极探索党组织建设与企业发展的切入点、着力点和结合点,做到一名党员就是一面旗帜。